Sunday, March 21, 2010

The break is over...

It's the last night of Spring Break. Ben is still out of town and will actually spend the night at my parents house without me and fly back home tomorrow morning. The end of the week, I got to spend time with my brother, Keith, then with my sister. We had the best time just sitting in my sister's fancy living room and talking with me, my sister Anne, and my mom. Saturday night, I got out of town before the snow started and got in late back home. It was great to be away but its always good to be home. I'm thankful that home is somewhere I look forward to being back to. God has blessed us. When i walked in the door, I was met with an irritated cry from Carlos, as if to say, Where have you been??! Now all I need is for Ben to be here with me. Here's some pics I got from the weekend...
I went to a shower for Jamie's sister Jessica and we got a traditional 4-some picture. Us 4 girls did everything together in High School and Junior high. We have countless "four-some" pictures.

This is my brother Keith and I after lunch at the park with mom. Notice the amazing car in the background - yes its a Ferrari. Keith was more excited than I was.

I do look forward to seeing my kids tomorrow and getting back to normal. I like normal. It's gonna be a good week back!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Day 2 & 3

Amazingly, I really do forgot how much I love Spring Break. The sleeping in, the warmer weather, and the time. Oh the time. To do whatever. I. Want. Yesterday was spent driving to Dallas. I left in the morning and made a few stops along the way. One being a piano shop off of I-45 in the Woodlands - way far from Katy. By the way, I'm looking to buy a used piano if you know of someone who wants to sell theirs. Moving on, I got into Allen around 5 and spent the early evening talking with my mom and taking a walk with Cody the dog. That evening, I ate dinner with my parents, watched TV, and went to Target. We actually tried to watch a VHS copy of Return to Me. Oh I just heard you sigh because you love that movie. It was all staticy and so we went to Target to buy a DVD of it which they didn't have. So we shopped instead and I got a green shirt (which I didn't wear) for St. Patty's Day.

Today was the day of visiting many people. I got to see some old friends Julie and Katie and their sweet babies this morning. Then I had a lunch date with my Dad. Then I went to see my Grandmother. Then I went home and napped from all the excitement. Then tonight for dinner, I met up with my sweet friends Julie and Michelle. They made me homemade pizza and cupcakes. So yummy. And we played Banana Scrabble which is not the name but I cannot for the life of me think of the real name right now. It's like speed Scrabble. It was such a good time to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while here. Tomorrow, Day 4, holds lunch with Keith and some invitation making.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Day 1

Oh how I love Spring Break. Technically, Spring Break started on Saturday, but really I would have had that off anyways so we'll start with yesterday, Day 1. Yesterday was my only day in Houston this week. I cleaned house (a little) and got to eat lunch with Ben. We ate at one of his favorite places near his work - Burger Shack. Really good burgers I admit. After that, a leisurely trip to the Chiropracter after doing a few errands and then....SHOPPING! I went shopping with a friend who was not working yesterday to the Galleria. Amazingly, I really didn't spend much but it was still a delight. I just feel so fancy shopping at the Galleria. Last night, since we have not been to the grocery store because we'll both be gone this week, we had no food so...guess we had to go out :). We went to Fridays which Ben loves and I go to for him. The service was terrible and the food was good. Came home, Ben packed for 2 trips (work in Louisiana and Pebble beach with my Dad), cleaned the kitchen and went to bed.

Day 2 holds a drive to Allen, a trip to the piano store waaaaay far away on 45, but on my way to Dallas, and time with my friend Jamie. Can't wait!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deep Fried and Tim McGraw

Monday night, Ben and I and the Ramseys went to the Houston Rodeo. I hadn't been since I went on the tour of Texas with my sweet roommates my senior year of college and Ben had never been to the rodeo in Houston. We had a lot of fun! And of course, the natorious carnival food was a must. Before I even ate my calorie-filled dinner, I had some of these:

Yep, deep fried oreos. And actually, when I was looking for a picture of them, I found a site with the top 7 bad-for-you carnival foods and guess what was #1...fried oreos. Oh man but they were good. Just like a corn dog without the dog and instead a melt in your mouth oreo. So go for it! Splurge and try'll love it :).

Tim McGraw did a great job and even shook everyone's hands on the bottom rows. Took him at least 20 or more minutes to make his way around but he got them all. Impressive and a good way to make fans. His songs remind me of high school and college when I first started listening to them. So, go to the rodeo and enjoy!