Saturday, January 29, 2011

Longest Run EVER

Today, I ran 4 miles!  This is my longest run ever and it gets me so close to my goal of a 10K.  I just finished with week 6 of my training schedule and that means I've only got 4 weeks to go.  The weeks are less intense from here on out (thank goodness) except for the once-a-week long run is really long.  Next week its 60 minutes and the week after that 75.  Anyways...I was thinking about where I was last year at this time and came across this post where I was happy to have made it to the 1.5 mile mark.  Now that's progress folks. 

Also today, if I can make it to Hobby Lobby at some point, I want to make this wreath inspired by my friend Holly.  I still have my berry Christmas wreath up and I have decided I never want my door to be without a wreath.  It just adds so much.  So I need a end of winter wreath that will last me until my egg wreath I'll put up in April.  And no, I haven't finished my other project, the t-shirt quilt, but I need a wreath NOW! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rodeo Run 10K Training

3 weeks ago, I started training for a the 10K Rodeo Run on February 26th.  Last year, I did the Rodeo Run 5K at the end of February and ran the whole thing even though I had never run more than 1.5 miles.  So this year, I decided to go for it and try to train for the 10K.  The Rodeo Run is a 10K and 5K race that benefits the rodeo.  And its just fun to be a part of.  I remember saying at the end of it last year, "Next year, let's do the 10K!" and then we all laughed!  But alas, here I am.   

One thing that really helps is that Ben is training and signed up to run it with me.  He is a great runner and encourager.  It was a little scary actually signing up and paying and not just saying I was going to do it because then I actually have to go out there and go the 10K distance whether I'm ready or not!  I looked for several different training programs and found this really good one for a 10 week training program.  It started me out very slow and easy - the first day I only had to run/walk 15 minutes.  Then it just pushes you a little bit each week and every Saturday you do your longest run of the week.  Today was my first run that it didn't allow me to walk at all and it was tough but I did it and ran 30 minutes straight. 

Now I'm sharing this with you to tell you that there is a 7-week program on the same site that you could start THIS MONDAY!  If you can already run about 2 miles, and it doesn't have to be a comfortably run 2 miles - I'm still pushing myself to get to 2 miles - but if you can do it, you could start with me right now and do the last 7 weeks.  Let me know if you're doing it and we can encourage each other.  

These are my new running shoes I got for Christmas so that I could feel like a "Real Runner" :).  Accessories and new clothes always help motivate me!

Main image for GT-2160™

Monday, January 3, 2011

T-shirt Quilt Part 1

This weekend while Ben was golfing, I finally had time to start making my t-shirt quilt.  I've cut up all my old Maroon Out shirts, Grace retreat shirts, and Doulos shirts into 14" squares.  It was a little hard to cut the first shirt...I'm very sentimental...but once I got going, it was no big deal.  So now I've prepped everything and the next step will be the actual sewing!  If you  have any old Grace or Aggie shirts you were going to just throw out anyways, give me a shout!  I'm just a few short.  Here's what I did....

First, I cut 14" squares out of my t-shirts.
Next, I ironed on Pellon interfacing on the back of the t-shirts.

Carlos and Polly are always right there ready to help if necessary.  And ready to sit on anything I'm working on.  I can really count on them.
Finally, I cut out 14" squares of maroon flannel and also 13" or so squares of batting.  These 3 layers (t-shirt then batting then flannel) will then be sewn together to make one of the quilt squares.  And notice again Carlos' tail and Polly's little paws.  Right there.  All the time.

Stay tuned for Part 2...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Marathon 2010

Christmas is so much more than 1 day, its more like a week of celebrating (and that's not counting all the days of prep!).  We are so thankful to all the family we have to celebrate with and consider ourselves tremendously blessed by our families. 

Christmas #1: Ben and Lynn Christmas, December 22nd - Ben and I enjoy having our own special Christmas apart from all the bigger family Christmases.  We exchanged gifts and stockings, had a special, although healthy, Christmas dinner and topped it off with a movie.

Christmas #2: Keith Family Christmas - This is an annual Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve with my Mom's side of the family.  We eat Christmas lunch together and then we do a food gift exchange with the stealing "White Elephant" type game.  So fun!  In other years we have acted out the Christmas story and sang Christmas carols. 

 Marisela and I after the exchange - notice the cream cheese ring I got in the game!

8 year-old Bliss: Dr. Pepper, Sour Gummy worms, chocolates and a huge peppermint stick (this is my nephew Zach)

Christmas #3: Pulliam Christmas #1 - This Christmas includes the guys making Pinch-me Coffee Cake, exchanging gifts with my brother Keith and his girlfriend Marisela as well as Mom and Dad. 

 This wins my heart - Dad and Ben cooking the coffee cake

Merty was with us the whole time under the tree

Christmas #4: Kalinke/Cooper/Pulliam Christmas: This is my entire immediate family Christmas.  We eat Christmas breakfast together and exchange gifts and spend the morning just talking and playing with new Christmas toys. 

 The Ladies - Marisela, me, Mom, and Anne

 Keith and Marisela being funny

Me and my Dad - how blessed we are by him.

Christmas #5: Cooper Christmas - There are 3 Cooper Couples - Ben's parents, us, and his brother Luke and wife Cherish.  As the tradition goes, Ben's mom Pat gives the girls Christmas purses and the guys get some sort of manly gift.  Also this year, they gave us a trip to Gulf Shores in the summer!

Cherish and I with our Christmas purses! (mine was a travel bag this year...close enough to a purse)

Ben and Luke

Christmas #6: Cooper Extended Family tour of Mississippi - Christmas night, we drove to Mississippi to pick up Ben's Grandparents and then drive North with them to visit Ben's aunts and cousins.  On our drive though, we could only find one place open - Waffle House.  I had never eaten was quite the experience :).  Anyways, we spent time with both Ben's grandparents and his sweet aunts and cousins.  We were spoiled and enjoyed our time so much!

Pa, Amanda, Pat, Ben, Miller, and the back of Claire's head at lunch

 Marin (Ben's 2nd cousin) and Pat (my sweet Mother-in-law)

 Another ladies pic - Mimi, Aunt Judy, Pat, me, and cousin Claire

Oh those boys - Ben, Clayton, and Miller, such sweethearts

And that ends our tour of Christmas...and lest you think this tired us out and that it was just too much, I leave you with one last picture to convey how we feel about all of our wonderful Christmases...