Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elaine Lynn Design is here!

So, as of today, I am a two-blog woman. I will still keep up with this one as my personal blog, writing about, ya know, the things that only people who actually know me would care about. But I've started a new craft blog. It will talk about different crafts I'm doing, crafts I find, and also I will put my open sky finds there instead of here. So, the address is below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Open Sky fun finds

Have you heard of Open Sky? It's a new concept that connects people who create things (suppliers) with people who want to sell their things (sellers) to buyers who like the taste of the person promoting it (YOU!). I'm going to be posting cool things that I find on Open Sky RIGHT HERE on my blog about once a week. You can buy it simply by clicking on the link below that will take you to Open Sky. So to review...

1. I like what I've put on here (and maybe even bought it!).

2. If you like it, you can buy it too. So easy!

So below is one thing that I found that I like. I'm really getting into Vintage, distressed items and I love these. Use them for keys, a dish towel, an oven mitt, or just decoration. These are $25 each but you don't get to pick shape. The picture will link you to the blue-green one. Below the picture are the links for the scarlet one (shapes may vary). Click on the picture to buy. (Scarlet)

Below is a Zinc memo board that looked cool to use with magnets or for writing on. Click on the picture to buy for $28.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming soon...

It's almost official! I've been working little by little to get my calligraphy business started. Last summer I took lessons and have done a little here and there for friends and family, but no one else in the outside world knows I offer these services. Well, that's about to change!

Tonight, I took pictures of some sample work and put it on Etsy. My Etsy name is elaine lynn design. I've got just 2 little items listed for now. It's so hard to sell on Etsy though because of the huge amount of other people selling on it, but at least its a link I can send people to that gives my prices and photos. The next thing I'm working on is a blog for just my calligraphy and craft projects. And lastly, I'm waiting to put my name on the Calligraphy Guild website when they update it again.

I will now just have to wait and see what shall come of it!


Yesterday, I came out of my hair appointment and found this:

But then I called my knight in shining armor and he did this:

What a sweetheart. God took care of me, in that, this happened about 2 minutes from Ben's office. He was able to come fix it and I was able to be on my merry way to discount tire and then to school for a bit. Today, I get to eat lunch with Ben! We are eating at smash burger because I have heard its amazing.
Coming up next: Trip to see the Herringtons!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

HELK reunion 2010!!!

Ahhh the last few weeks before summer break is over. For some reason, I get this urge to just be really lazy so I'll be reallllly ready to go back. And it helps the enjoyment of these last few days to have a buddy to relax with. My mom came Tuesday and just left this morning. We thoroughly relaxed and watched movies and did a few errands and got a lot of good talking time in.

So, teachers go back to school a week before the kids come back and then school starts August 23rd. I actually do look forward to it. I miss being with kids. I find myself talking to random kids in my neighborhood about the birds in their trees and at Wal-Mart helping them find their school supplies. Kids just interact in a totally different way and I love it. Anyways...also I feel the urge to see everyone possible that a working life hinders me from doing. So last weekend was the HELK reunion, this week my mom came to visit, and tomorrow we're going to visit the Herringtons.

HELK...what a weird name you might be thinking. This phrase was coined in college using the initials of my roommates from my senior year - Holly, Erin, Lynn, and Katy. We had incredible HELK parties at our Nimitz house, and we always had a HELK of a good time :). We were darn cool. Every year we have a reunion and this year I got to host it! We watched movies, ate yummy food, went shopping, and talked and laughed a lot. So refreshing and enjoyable. Oh and we love to take pictures!

Holly, Katy, Erin, Lynn