Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Benjamin Douglas Cooper

As promised, I wanted to give an ode to my husband. Our anniversary was a week and a half ago so in honor of that, I wanted to tell everyone 6 things about him that I love. Why 6 you ask. She must have some cool reason for 6. Nope, just a random #. So here they are in no particular order...6 things I love about Ben Cooper.
1. He's wise.

He is wise beyond his years. I always know that I can take a problem to him whether it be personal, about work, between us, or just something random. He has wonderful advice and has great perspective. He points me to the Lord and gives me Biblical insights. I come away feeling comforted and feeling more peace about the situation. I think, well Ben's not freaking out and yet he knows about the problem that I was freaking out about...I guess I can be calm as well. I am so blessed by him in this way!

2. He's light hearted.

In a good way, Ben doesn't take life too seriously. He trusts in the Lord and has joy. I tend to worry and fret about things that might happen, small problems that I worry will turn into big problems, or past things that have happened. Ben is not worried about these things. He knows we will be ok and we will be taken care of. This encourages me so much to have that same peace! He has fun in life and is so goofy. It makes life quite entertaining and fun. This picture is from our first was exciting!

3. He's handsome.

I just think he's so good lookin'. Blue eyes and a great smile and he's so strong! He often jokes that his purpose in life is to lift and carry heavy things for me and to open jars. He has saved me so many hurt palms and hurting arms. What a servant!

4. He is great to talk to.

We have some of the greatest conversations and he has so much to say. He thinks about things on a deep level and likes to discuss it. I love hearing what he has to say about any manner of subjects. Amazingly, I can bring up almost any topic and at one point in his life he has researched it, talked to someone about it, or just thought about it on his own. Amazing.

5. He's a fact man.

I can always count on him for correct, accurate, random, and not so random facts.

6. He loves me!

This one is a huge plus for me :) . He shows me love in so many ways and does it well. He shows me through service, time, touch, conversations, gifts, sacrifices, and many things that I probably don't even see.

What a great husband God has blessed me with! I simply adore him! Here's a typical Ben Cooper moment...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Freezer Burn Delight

What more could you want than a year old peice of cake. Last night we ate the top tier of our wedding cake. Did anyone else do this on your anniversary? Ben was doubtful of the condition this cake would be in and if it would be a unwise health choice to eat it. On the other hand, I, being very sentimental, was very excited and couldn't wait to open the box that has sat in our freezer since last July. As we opened it, a very distinct freezer burn scent filled the ktichen. I had not thought to thaw it out before hand so we defrosted it in the microwave and soon began to smell vanilla cake. Mmmm Cake! But not just any cake, our wedding cake. Sigh.

Despite so many warnings against eating a year old cake, we cut two slices. I braved the first bite, and Ben cautiously took the next bite. Sad to say, it was not as tasty as it was on our wedding day (shocking!). It was still a bit frozen and had a funny taste. I had a few bites, resulting in a not so good feeling in my stomach. As much as I wanted to keep it and savor it, it just was grose so we thew it out. So for all of you wondering what this magical event will hold, go for it but know, it still is a year old cake. Enjoy! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary Coopers!

Ha, that's us! We just arrived back from vacation in the Caymans...more about that later. But I just felt the need to write and tell the world that today is our anniversary. One year. WOW. Later I will have an ode to Ben, my sweet, wonderful husband. Just wanted to document the day. We've kinda celebrated all week. Gifts before the vacation, fun outings during and then a nice breakfast at a fun place in the Caymans. I am emensely blessed by my husband, his wisdom, his goofiness, his confidence and trust in the Lord. I will expand later, but now about all I can do is say goodnight and hit the sheets. It's good to be back in Houston, tropical storm Dolly and all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Houston Project

This week, Ben and I got to be a part of Houston Project put on by our church First Baptist. It was a week of VBS at night for kids, teens, and adults in areas all around Houston. It was amazing and I can't wait to do it next year. There's just so many ways to serve and give and use your gifts. Ben led the very organized and smiling registration team, the first people the kids see when they come in. He and his team got them all recorded, name-tagged, and greeted and then they were sent off to have snow-cones and dinner (in that order I believe). We really saw the Lord work.

I was on the evangelism team. We walked door to door just sharing the gospel with people in the neighborhood. Some people shut the door on us, others listened politely and declined, while others genuinly listened with interest. I had the amazing privilege of seeing many people make decisions to pray to receive Christ! I met new sisters and brothers in Christ! I was encouraged and amazed at how God went before us. Some were obviously ready to hear and respond, but others were not. Praise God for His amazing power to work in and change the hearts of people when we surely cannot.

I was blown away by the number of people who thought they were just not good enough to get into heaven or the opposite, people who thought they had done enough good to merrit getting into Heaven. Truth is, neither matter - how much bad you've done or how much good you've done! The Bible says, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Then it goes on to say "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." We're all sinful but by believing in Jesus and His death and resurection for our sins, we are saved from that punishment and may go to heaven with Jesus. All of us are not good enough for Heaven but we have Jesus. I am deeply greatful for this gift.

I learned this week that I assume way too much that people know the truth. I assume way too much that people are believing the truth and applying it to their lives. I am challenged to be more open and less assuming with the people around me. I want them to know the truth!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Car Week

Well, it was finally time. We could wait no longer. All the signs were telling us that this was the right direction to go. First the overheating, then the radiator, and finally the timing belts. All things led to one in the Honda Civic! So we did it. We took the plunge. It all happened Monday night, the last day of the month when many a good car deal is made. After some amazing deal making skills by Ben, we traded in my old, green, '99 Honda Civic and got a new 2008 Honda CRV! Check it out for yourself...

(Video compliments of Benjamin D. Cooper - currently taking orders)