Monday, May 25, 2009

A new addition...

This weekend, we adopted a new kitten. Carlos needed a buddy to hang out with during the day while we are at work all day, along with the night activities we have throughout the week . By the time we get home, he's so desperate for attention and love that we thought he could use a friend during the day. I wasn't intending to get a new kitten yesterday, but you know how it goes. I was shopping in Highland Village and those geniuses have put a pet adoption site right next to William's Sonoma and Anthropologie. Just brilliant. So, I'm leisurely shopping and I think, "Oh, I'll go and visit the kitties and just look at some of the puppies" and I ended up walking out with a new kitten (with my sweet husband's blessing of course)! But honestly, we were thinking about it, but just hadn't decided to do it that day so I didn't get just completely suckered in :).

Our new kitten is a sweet little female orange tabby. I grew up with two orange tabbies that to both I gave the name Elsie. Elsie 1 died so we got a new orange Tabby and it made perfect sense to just name the next one Elsie. I considered Elsie for this kitty too just for sentimental reasons but it just didn't fit. Currently the name we like best is Honey. She's sweet like honey and the color of honey and I just keep calling her that. Carlos right now just sees her as a big play toy and he's not very gentle. Fortunately he's learning and when she gets a little bigger, she'll be able to hold her own. I think she's just precious! Something interesting about her is that she is a pterodactyl cat meaning she has an extra finger on each of her front paws. Very interesting and a little funny looking but we love her anyways!

You can see her extra finger here. It looks kind of like she has mittens on instead of paws.

What a cutie!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chica de Campista

This past weekend, we had the lovely joy of going camping! I admit I wasn't so sure I was going to like it - sleeping outside, no shower, no restaurant or kitchen to eat at. But as it turns out, I love camping! The sleeping outside part was awesome...except next time (and call me a wimp if you want) an air mattress or at least one of those cushy pads is a must. The no shower part wasn't bad and actually they were available and the food we ate was great! S'mores, breakfast tacos, a picnic type lunch and yummy cookies and snacks throughout. That is my kind of food. I think next time for breakfast, I want to make pancakes. We went with some couples from our Sunday Bible study class and it was enjoyable to spend time with them and make some new friends.

Friday night we just hung out, talked, and then had S'mores. Saturday, we went Geo-casching. It was pretty crazy. If you're not familiar with this activity, let me explain. It's kinda like an online worldwide treasure hunt. People post on this website treasures that they have hidden with their GPS coordinates and you go find them. You sign your name, celebrate, and then go find the next one. We found three of them and one had even been there for 7 years in this little wooded area of Huntsville State Park. Somehow I escaped with no poison ivy and just a few scratches from those pesky thorn vines. Saturday afternoon, I went out on a canoe with a two of the girls and then Ben and I had to go home. I definitely want to do it again. Here's some pics I got before my camera died on Saturday morning...

The ladies on the trip - we're looking for a casch!

The guys...doing something...making important decisions I think.

My sweet Ben and I

Our campsite. It was so beautiful on the water with a fallen tree right behind it. So great!
FYI...Jana gave us all camp names and mine was Chica de Campista. Ben's was Napoleon Campomite. Bet ya can't guess why.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dessert Heaven

So today was one of the best Saturdays ever! Among many of the fun things we did today, for dessert tonight, we went to Ooh La La Dessert Boutique. It was awesome and is one of my new favorite places. I absoultely love desserts as many women do. Ben and I were discussing this tonight. Why is it that so many women are so addicted to desserts and chocolate? I know a lot of guys are too, but is there something specific about being a woman that draws us to desserts? I couldn't pin-point anything, I just know that I love desserts and I don't know why. Anyways, it was a dessert only place. They had pies, cupcakes, yummy fancy coffee drinks, and various other tempting cookies and bars. For my first visit of many to come, I had Reeses Pie and it was delish. I mean really yum. Ben got pecan pie. Next time, I'm definitely getting a fancy (and BIG!) cupcake. I tried to copy a picture of what I got (their website has a gallery of all the desserts!) but the website wouldn't let me. They are seriously hurting their business! All it would take is one look, and you'd be begging someone to take you there. Happy Saturday night!