Monday, July 25, 2011

My new favorite party decoration

Banners.  I am new to them.  I have helped throw many baby and wedding showers over the years and never thought to make this wonderful decoration.  It's colorful, it can be saved, and its just so easy to make!  Recently, I have made two banners for showers and I love them.  I look on Etsy and get ideas and think, man, I can make that!  They're really pretty cheap on Etsy - most are around $25, but this way I get to completely customize it, pick my colors and words, and enjoy making a craft.  And save maybe $10.

Drum roll please.....cymbal!

Welcome Baby Girl!  For our sweet friend Emily who has now moved back home.  We miss you already!

I used 4 different coordinating pink and white patterned papers and alternated them.  The letters are cut out from book pages.  Then I used the little baby clothes pins you get at the Hob Lob and pinned the letter pages to tulle.  Turned out adorable.  And then she got to take it home...I can't say I wasn't hoping she would forget to take it ;).  

Bride to Be - For Lindsey's shower the night before the wedding.  This will be traveling with me via plane to San Fran.  Pray it makes it!

 Again, I used coordinating papers with grey and yellow patterns.  The letters are cut out from hymnal pages and backed with charcoal grey card stock.  And the little pearl embellishments are just stickers.  Then I hole-punched each letter and tied them together with lace and ribbon.  Again, I just love it. 

If I have any part in throwing you a shower in the near future, you can be pretty confident that you will receive a banner! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

On this day 4 years ago...

Ben Cooper and Lynn Pulliam became The Coopers!

I love my sweet Benjamin.  He is kind and loving.  He is hilarious and makes me laugh.  He challenges me to step outside my comfort zone and get past my insecurities.  He leads me well and takes care of me.  Happy 4th anniversary!

Yahoo for marriage!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top 10 Recent Happenngs

It has been a delightfully full last couple weeks.  Fun with friends, relaxing, and enjoying the summer down time.  I love my summer days at home.  I've cleaned out drawers, done crafts, had lunch dates, and had plenty of time to exercise, read my Bible, pray, and take a nap.  How wonderful.  Here's the top 10 recent happenings of Lynn in pictures.
1. Kemah Writing Academy with Erica

2. Happy Father's Day!

3. Picture frame to Jewelry keeper

4. I Discovered Pinterest and its seriously addicting.  Follow me!

5. Girl's Day in Allen

6. Visit to baby Mitchell

7. Day 'o' Fun with friends - ended with dessert!

8. Fourt of July on the 21st floor

9. Began and will finish soon The Forgotten Garden for my book club.  I'm really enjoying it.

10. Enjoyed time with my sweet kitties.

They are best friends.  And I love them.

And there are so many more happenings to come.