Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Benjmain!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. He is wonderful. He is funny. He is handsome. Tonight we are celebrating in style at Papa's Steakhouse. It shall be all kinds of delicious. I love you Ben!

He's just so cool!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A new start!

The new school year has begun. Hence no blog posts in the last two weeks. The beginning of school seems to be all consuming. I take things home and I stay way later than is normal for me. Usually I pride myself in not taking anything home - ya know having a good balance and separation, but I have had to take things home the last couple weeks. Just while I find my balance. But I'm enjoying it and the kids are precious. I'm teaching 2nd grade this year and although a change is never easy, I think it was a good change for me and make me get out of any ruts I was in. Although, what's nice is while I am starting new, this time (unlike my first year teaching), I have 4 years of experience to rely on.

Today is the first free day Ben and I have had since school started and I'm loving it. We had a breakfast date which because of their rarity are very special. We went to 59 Diner which was good but not great. We just don't know of any fun breakfast places in the city where we live. We love Buffalo Grille but its just way too far. Anyone know of a place?

So, even though it seems to still be crazy hot outside, it does feel like fall is starting. College Football is on TV and even though Ben's not even watching it (he's swinging his golf club up in our game room...) it still feels like fall is beginning. Let the fall fun begin!