Friday, March 20, 2009

Last night I came home...

To this sight...
My husband and my new kitty sweetly sitting together. Oh what joy. Carlos is doing really well here. He's getting very comfortable to run around and be absolutely crazy. We have noticed that he has about a 2-3 second attention span. He sees his tail...Ahhh! Get it! Then a finger! Get it! Then a spec on the ground! Run for it! And so on. He also loves to follow and then pounce on the cursor on the computer. It's high class entertainment for sure.

Well, Spring Break is over. I enjoyed the time off and got a lot put away and done with our new house. Its feeling more and more like home the more we put into it and make it look like a space we like to live in. My mom came down from Dallas on Tuesday to visit for a few days and we thoroughally enjoyed our time. Tuesday we played with kitty, talked, chilled and ate dinner. Then Wednesday was the marathon day. We always seem to do these marathon days together and they're great. We went to Sugarland which seems to be one of the only places that has every store you could want. Lets see...we went to (deep breath) Target, World Market, Designer Furniture Outlet, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods (twice!), Marshalls (twice!), Peir 1, and Chick-Fil-A. We got some nice things and found all the good sales. I will post pictures later but I'll leave you in suspsense and make that its own post. Thursday, we got up slowly and ate breakfast and watched some HGTV. Then we had a wonderfully slow and relaxing girly lunch at La Madeline. That has to be the perfct place for a ladies lunch. Mom left that afternoon and I rode around in the cart with Ben while he played golf. I kept score for him and tried to be his cheerleader. The only problem is that I think every shot looks great and to him, that is not true. At least I was positive :). Friday, I chilled at home, had lunch with a sweet friend, then shopped a little at Katy Mills, then had coffee with another sweet friend, then went home and had dinner with my sweet husband. It was a great week.

Today, I'm running errands and then going to a baby shower and then a wedding. Also, I'm picking up some medicine for our kitty. Carlos has a cold. Hopefully its harmless and will go away quickly. Anyways...Happy Saturday!

Monday, March 16, 2009



Age: 8 weeks
Color: Blue (actually grey)
Weight: about 2 1/2 pounds
We adopted Carlos on Saturday night and got to bring him home tonight. He has been so fun so far! He's so playful and a bit crazy. He just runs all over and chases things even if they're not moving. The cursor on the computer also proves to be something intriguing. Right now, he's sleeping on my stomach and purring like crazy. I think that I picked well. There were several kittens that I was deciding between. All cute and sweet of course so how's one to decide?? I picked up and held each one several times. One tried to sharpen her claws on my jeans everytime I held her so she was a no. The others would try to get away or they just weren't as fun. Well, when I held Carlos, he would play with me but then he would just settle right in my lap and sit there. Perfect. It is sad to go in there though. There's a lot of kittens but probably the number of adult cats is double. We got him from a placed called CAP which stands for Citizens for Animal Protection. I am thoroughally enjoying him though and he's just about the cutest thing ever.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New arrivals...

These things arrived in our house this weekend. The couch was delivered Friday and then yesterday, we got the chest (or whatever the right name for it is) to put the coming TV on.

Ben's comment was that it doesn't quite look like a TV-stand and I said, well, that's kinda the point. We looked at so many places. At the end of the day, we stumbled on a place called Designer Furniture Market that had a lot of amazing deals and we got this there.

This was delivered on Friday and its so comfortable! We've loved sitting on it so far.

And one more very exciting delivery will come tomorrow afternoon. That's right...we adopted a kitten! I can pick him up tomorrow. Once it is here, I will post pictures and make the introduction to the blogging world. I can't wait til he is here! On a side note, I'm on Spring Break and I couldn't need it more. It's just such a good feeling to not have Monday looming over my head this afternoon. It will be a refreshing week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Confessions of the couch search

As I write, Ben is upstairs rocking out on his electric guitar - something he hasn't done since before we got married. Apartment life doesn't lend it self well to electric guitars but houses do! Needless to say, we're enjoying the new house. We bought some essentials this a couch and a TV! Oh and green towels! Couch is being delivered on Friday and pictures will surely follow.

The couch search was interesting. Yet another event where Ben and I see our differences and we get to "celebrate" them. As many of you can probably relate to, I want to look at EVERY possible couch to make sure I get the CUTEST one. I want to go to every store, near and far, cheap and expensive, to find the best one. As you also can relate to I'm sure, Ben's idea of the best couch is I can sit on it and its comfortable. Kinda like my idea of a good golf club is one that swings from right to left and isn't made of plastic. So, naturally, the first store has many couches that fit his strict qualifications while none meet my reasonable one of being the cutest possible. But being the sweet, kind, and understanding husband that he is, Ben had a wonderful attitude going to 4 different stores. He did even better with the fact that the first 3 seemed to have nothing that was suitable for me. Fortunately, the last store held the Cooper couch, on sale, and a lovely green. It was just meant to be.

Today we taught a lesson in Sunday School about being an effective witness at work with your co-workers. It was convicting for me teaching it. We went out to lunch at Fuddruckers after church with our class. Then in the afternoon, I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic with some girlfriends. I thought it was so cute and so funny. Very light and the romance was way cheesy, but still entertaining. All in all, a nice weekend.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're all in!

Well we're all moved in! We've been unpacking all week and thus all the usual things I normally do have been pushed to the side such as blogging, calling people, responding to email. When you can't walk through your bathroom or find your socks, you realize how high a priority that really is. Anyways...moving went so well. Our friends our amazing. Several friends, in shifts, helped us move on Saturday. They were so kind and had amazing attitudes to come take part of the Saturdays to move boxes and lift heavy things with us. I didn't particularly enjoy it and it was my stuff! We were shown lots of servant love by them, so thank you!!
We spent our first night in the house on our mattress on the floor because we left some key part to the bed at the apartment. That's what good memories are made of though - forgetfulness and making do! We woke up early the next morning to the realization that we also had left all shampoo, hairdryers, soap and anything else needed to get ready at the apartment. So we just went over to the apartment in our PJ's and got ready there.

That afternoon, some more of our sweet friends helped us clean our apartment. That's right, I said clean! They took their entire Sunday afternoon - a time I treasure for myself as nap and chill time - and helped us clean our entire apartment. It took us a couple hours and two car loads of stuff. We realized at the end of it that we really could not have done it in time without them and wouldn't have had enough room in our one car. I was again overwhelmed by their servants' hearts and desire to help. Wow....we are blessed.

Here are some pics of the house before we moved all our stuff in it. I'll show pictures later when we've set things up.
Yay! We're home owners!

When you first walk in, you see this. Entry way and stairs.

Then you walk a bit and come to the living room. Currently empty but being filled up soon.

And here we come to one of my favorite rooms...the kitchen :)

This is the first thing (soon followed by rock band of course!) that Ben did after we closed on the house.

Next comes decisions on paint and decorations...the fun part!!