Sunday, November 27, 2011


Currently, I am sitting on my couch with my kitties and my husband enjoying some relaxing/productive (alternating the two) time at home.  Holidays for us mean getting away and enjoying our families.  I leave all my house work and responsibilities behind and head north.  It's always such a nice break and wonderful time with the ones we love.

We got in Tuesday night to Allen and (of course) had some dessert.  I can always count on some dessert being ready for us when we come in from out of town and it doesn't matter if we drive into the Coopers or the Pulliams - both are waiting with sweets.

Wednesday I pretty much hung out with my mom all day.  Dad and Ben played golf while mom and I shopped, ate lunch, and then cooked many many yummy things.  They picked up dinner and then we enjoyed several rounds of 42.

Lightened up Sweet Potato Casserole
The most delicious mashed potatoes ever.

Thursday was as you know, Thanksgiving Day, and Ben and I ate our annual double Thanksgiving meal.  First with my family and then with his.  You see, we've learned that the key is not eating too much dessert at the first meal.  This plan was ruined by the evil delicious ice box chocolate pie that my mom and I made.  It was heavenly.  Thank you Tara.  Despite our extremely full bellies (and mine crowded with a baby as well), we were so blessed by time and good conversation with both families.

This year since we had a smaller group with my family, we did the traditional food-on-the-table-and-pass-it-around style while Dad carved the turkey right in front of us!

 My brother Keith and his newly engaged (congrats!!) fiance Marisela, Ben and I with a hand on the baby

The women at Thanksgiving this year - Aunt Betty, my sweet mom, me, and Marisela.  Usually there are many more but our crowd was small this year.  

Friday, my mother- and sister-in-law and I got up at 5:00am to go shopping!  Honestly I can say we didn't get too many amazing deals at 5:30am that we couldnt've gotten at oh say 2:00pm but man did we have some extra time to shop!  By 9am, we had gone to Bed Bath and Beyond, Old Navy, Ulta, the Loft, Charming Charlies, and probably some other store that I was delirious in, and were sitting in Mimi's Cafe eating breakfast.  Cherish and I saw the Twilight movie (so good!!) and then kept on shopping with Pat at Half Price Books and Target.  We were so amazingly exhausted by the end of our 9-hour shopping event, but it made my afternoon nap just that much sweeter.

 This is me and Cherish, my sister-in-law.  She is married to Ben's brother.  We have the same birthday.  Every year, Pat, our mother-in-law lets us pick out a new purse for Christmas.  This is a tradition with a story that someday I'll tell.  Anyways, here we are picking out purses.  And actually, Pat bought those purses but then we both found other purses at Francesca's and she took those two back.  We love you Pat!

The damage 

Nail Sticks!  I love these things.  They are stickers for your nails but they stay on so so much better than nail polish.  

And now its Sunday.  We left early yesterday morning and headed South through Waco, Calvert, College Station and on to Katy.  Yesterday, we went grocery shopping, did the week's laundry, ate dinner and even did a little cleaning.  Wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving break.  Thank you to our precious King who gave us blessings overflowing this week.

P.S. Boy or Girl?  We find out Monday morning!  Only 1 more day to vote!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

15 weeks and some thankfulness

Below is my 15 week belly shot.  You may notice that I'm wearing a tank top.  Oh yes, I took this picture today.  It is very warm outside.  Every year I forget how warm Houston falls and winters really are.  Anyways, I went to the doctor this week and all is looking great!  I heard our sweet baby's heartbeat and asked a few questions.  Then, I scheduled my appointment TO FIND OUT THE GENDER!  We find out the Monday after Thanksgiving!  I can't promise an update right away but sometime that week, I'll let the blogging world know if we're going to be shooting for the PGA or LPGA (as Ben says).  

15 Weeks

And in honor of Thanksgiving, some things I'm thankful for this year.

T - Tiny hands and feet growing inside of me
H - a Husband who is serving and loving me without complaining as I've been more needy lately
A - Amiable and Amazing friends at work and church
N - No school for a few days of relaxation and time with family
K - Kids, 22 of them exactly, who make my days a challenge yet bring such joy
S - our Sweet families who love and support us
G - Great food to look forward to and always having enough!
I - Immanuel, Jesus, God with us
V - Victory over sin in Christ
I - Incessantly snugly kitties
N - Nice people who let me borrow their maternity clothes
G - God who loves me and took my place

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.  May you be blessed with homemade sweet potato casserole and conversations that uplift you.  Oh and good Black Friday shopping deals too!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's that I feel?

What's that feeling I felt today?  I can't quite place it.  I hardly even remember the word for it...  Oh yeah, ENERGY.  I think that's it.  I haven't felt it in so long that it felt almost foreign!  But it felt good.  Over the past 2 days I have...

Done 7 loads of laundry (Can we say behind in laundry?!)
Cooked dinner
Ate my first Thanksgiving dinner with Blueprints
Not slept past 7:30am
Made breakfast...twice!
Gone to church and took care of 1 year olds
Ate lunch with sweet friends
Grocery shopped
Shopped for shoes (but sadly bought none)
Done lots of school work
Took a nap
And put up a blog post!

And its 10:15pm and I'm still awake!  I can't remember the last time I stayed up until 10:15 actually being productive.  It feels good and hopefully this is no fluke.  Maybe I'm going to finally start getting some of this energy back and enter the "honeymoon" stage of pregancy (as one website called it).  I sure hope so cause I got lots of planning to do.  And researching...  and gathering...  and moving things around...  and so so much more...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now this was worth the wait!

(I know I know...its been a long time.  But let me tell you, this post was worth the wait, I promise!)

Ben and I are proud to announce that there will be a new baby Cooper arriving in May 2012!!

I am 13 weeks along right now and I have what you've all been waiting for...belly shots!

12 weeks 

13 weeks

At midway through 13 weeks, I'm feeling much less nauseous in the morning, but still feeling some of it in the afternoon/evening.  I'm still feeling pretty tired but not like the extreme fatigue from the beginning.  As in, I can stay up past 8pm now!  No real specific cravings, just a bent toward saltier foods now instead of the sweet tooth I've always had.  And I've got a little nectarine inside me according to one site I've been reading.  When we first found out, baby was the size of a poppy seed!

We feel so blessed by this baby and are so thankful for everyone who has been so sweet to celebrate with us!  The Lord has been so kind to us!

Stay about 3 weeks, we find out if its a boy or a girl!  Cast your vote!