Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's almost here...



No school.

More free time.  More crafts


Home cooked meals.

Sleeping later.

Staying up later.

Laying out.

Getting a slight tan.



It's so close!  One week left and summer is HERE.  I adore my students this year and I will surely miss them but I can't wait for the summer to recharge, plan, relax, and have fun! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Renegades of Craft

This past Saturday was a treasure hunt day.  Saturday morning, my neighborhood had their yearly garage sale.  I love garage sales, but apparently you have to be quite the early riser to get the big stuff.  One of our neighbors told us that there were people lining the streets at 6:30am waiting for the garage sales to open!  Wow.  And I thought we were doing good to get out there at 8am.  You would have thought it was a carnival with the number of cars lining our street.  Anyways, I was a little bummed because we forgot to get cash.  Ben had $8 and I had some change so we went out hopeful for low prices.  So with our $8, we got: a cute bag with an "L" on it, a cat house, a chopper (the food kind, not a motorcycle), a book about the black market (Ben's only purchase), and a window pane mirror.  And I got to meet some of my neighbors.  Below is the mirror I got.  I have aspirations to turn it into something like this from one of the craft blogs I regularly follow. 

The next treasure hunting event was at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin.  I drove to Austin with my friend Holly and we braved this indie craft fair.  We were a little out of place, but our love of crafts helped us fit right in.  I got some fun vintage and not so vintage jewelry along with a cool journal made out of an old book.  Holly got some wonderful prints for her kitchen and living room.  Probably my favorite part though was all of the ideas I got for future crafts.  I can't wait to have some free time to do some of them! 

Top - one of the book pages prints Holly bought, bottom - the book turned notebook i bought
Oh and in between all the craftiness was a fun fun crawfish boil with lots of friends and babies.  A wonderful Saturday indeed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tried something new...

This past weekend, Ben and I found two new places!  The first one is a little dangerous as it is an ice cream shop.  It's on my way home from pretty much anywhere.  And its about to be summer.  Hot Houston summer.  When all that sounds good is ice cream.  Oh geez.  Anyways, its called Sweet Things Ice Cream Shoppe.  They make their own ice cream and cones.  I had a scoop of cinnamon toast ice cream and birthday cake ice cream.  You won't regret going!

The second place we found was called The Egg and I.  We were headed towards Jimmy Johns after church and passed by this restaurant and decided to try it.  Delicious.  And we must go back for breakfast.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Love you mom!

Mother's Day weekend, I got the wonderful treat of being visited by my parents.  It was such a treat to get to see my mom on Mother's Day and get to celebrate it with her instead of 4 hours away on the phone.  Saturday was our day-o-fun and by that I mean our day-o-being productive!  My mom and I always have some project that we are working towards when we are together.  This time, it was the cats.  They needed to get their yearly shots and those vets are darn expensive.  So we called around and found a low cost (a third of the price!) pet vaccinations station at Petco.  We waited in line for about an hour and a half while I held Polly and while Carlos eventually calmed down and waited it out in his brand new crate.  We had to buy him a new create because he did this (see below) to his previous carrier.

Yes, that is his head poking through the hole he clawed out of the side.  Gotta love him.  Anyways, the guys played golf and that night we took a nice little drive down to Kemah and enjoyed dinner at the Aquarium.  Nice views and wonderful company.  We enjoyed some wonderful conversation and and a great weekend altogether. 

Me and my sweet mama

In front of our flourishing garden (it really is growing this year!)

Me and my sweet dad

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to visit!  It was refreshing and fun, relaxing and encouraging.  I love you both!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pawsome Pet, year 3

Ok, well I am entering in Polly the Polydactyl wonder cat into the Pawesome pet contest at my school one more year.  Year 1, I entered Carlos and he didn't come anywhere close to winning.  For some reason, cats just don't get a lot of votes and I just can't imagine why.  Last year, I entered Polly and she got 2nd!  That was the highest ranked cat EVER in the history of the annual contest.  A cat has never won, but I think this might be the year for it! The voting goes on all this week and each vote costs 25 cents.  Oh and the best part is that the winner gets to bring their animal to school for a day.  I could have Polly with me all day!  I'm rootin for her.  Here's the picture I used to submit her entry into the contest:

Isn't she cute?!  I think you can really see her special paws in this picture.  Hopefully it will be enough to win over the hearts of these students!  Go Polly Go!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby shower fun

This past Wednesday, my 2nd grade team and I hosted a baby shower for one of the other wonderful 2nd grade teachers.  She is having a boy and is having a western themed nursery.  Hence, the western themed shower.  We had quite the spread (no need for dinner that night!) and were told we put on a wonderful shower.

This is the cute invitation we got it from Urban Frontiers on Etsy.  It was perfect! The lady was so quick and helpful.  Even when we had to change the date on the shower last minute, she changed it for us free of charge!  I would recommend her.

The 2010-2011 2nd grade team

The western themed diaper cake.  I got a lot of ideas from looking at ideas on etsy and used this online tutorial.

 A close up of a pacifier tied with a bow to a diaper

One of the other girls made these adorable horse cupcakes!  They took a lot of work but they were precious and delicious.

Overall, I think she felt very celebrated.  We can't wait to meet her sweet baby boy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter with the Coopers

We enjoyed a lovely Easter with the 3 Cooper couples.  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Mark and Pat - Ben's parents

Luke and Cherish

Ben and I

And of course Carlos - he hates being held like this

 The girls got pedicures and manicures while the guys golfed

Waiting for Taste of Texas

Enjoying our feast at Taste of Texas (I really just go for the salad bar!)

And our 2nd feast - Easter lunch - ham, twice baked sweet potatoes, baked beans, broccoli, crescent rolls, watermelon and sweet tea
 I ate this meal for the following 3 meals after Easter dinner...amazing.

Thanks Coopers and Coopers for a wonderful celebration.