Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rothenburg ob de Tauber

This past weekend, we took our first overnight trip to Rothenburg ob de Tauber. 
It was a beautiful preserved old city with cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes, and a watchman's wall all the way around the city that you could walk.
We stayed in an adorable little old place called the Romantik Hotel.
Ben has been wearing Timothy in the Ergo carrier a lot on our little trips.  I'm glad they're getting a little bonding time since the sweet boy doesn't take bottles and therefore he and I are rarely separated.  
It gives me some time to walk around with just Caleb which I enjoy.

Walking on the wall - lots of stairs climbed that day. 
32 floors worth to be exact (according to FitBit).
Here, Caleb is pretending to be a soldier looking for the enemies!

We went to the Criminal Museum which was really gruesome and creepy.  Most of it went way over Caleb's head thank goodness but it was all about torture and punishment in the past of the city.
Not my favorite to say the least but maybe more of a guy thing?!

In the afternoon, Caleb, Timothy and I went back to the room to take a nap and Ben did some more exploring. 
This was glorious. 
It was wonderful to be stuck in the room with two sleeping boys having the really rough choice of taking a nap myself or reading. 
I did both and it was fabulous.

In the evening, starting at 8, there was a Watchman's tour in English. 
He had a great old timey accent and a sense of humor. 
He took us (and about 100 other Americans) around the city giving history and other interesting details. 
Towards the end as you can imagine, Caleb was uninterested so we stayed toward the back so he could walk around.  I met another mom there doing the same thing who actually is a mutual friend of one of the 3 friends I have here! 
God is so good to give me that encouragement and another potential friend. 


It was a gorgeous city that I would recommend to anyone!  This weekend, we are staying in Frankfurt and just being normal people.  Going to the mall for new work pants for Ben and maybe some Birkenstocks for me.  Eating in and finding some local fun maybe at a festival or the Palmengarten.  


Liz said...

How beautiful! Yall are being so adventurous, way to go! =) Love the photos!

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