Thursday, July 2, 2015

Burg Eltz: Our First Castle!

This past weekend, we went to our first castle, Burg Eltz! 
We were all excited, Caleb especially. 
Funny because he's never been to a castle but just the thought of it was cause for excitement.
We had to hike a little under a mile up the hill to the castle.  It was a beautiful hike. 
Caleb is doing great just walking and keeping up with us {most of the time}.  In Germany, you see very few double strollers, unless you have twins. 
There's just really not space - on trains, buses, sidewalks, stores, etc.  So it's expected that the older kid just walks.  We got a single stroller with all-terrain wheels and its been working just fine. 

Look at that smile!  Also #batmanshirtforlife.

Inside the castle

We started in on a tour and then it was just too stressful to keep both boys quiet so Ben went through and I stayed and walked around and up and down with the boys. 
According to my fitbit, I walked 22 floors that day. 
It was a fun experience and we had lunch at the castle afterwards. 
Caleb has discovered Apfel Schorle which is a drink here that's half sparkling mineral water and half apple juice. 
It's become our special "big brother treat" to encourage good behavior or just to treat him. 

Afterwards we walked down and played in the river and skipped rocks.
On the way back up to the castle, Caleb walked in the bushes and got stung.  And he was tired and had only a short car nap.  Not a good combination.
I brushed the same one a little bit and it literally feels like a bee sting.  Just a few days before he had been stung by a wasp so it was a bad flashback and he was histerical! 
Ben carried him up the stairs to the castle screaming. It was quite the scene. 
 While we were checking out his legs (looked like small bites all over his calf), a nice English speaking family stopped and gave us some lotion. 
She saw my Aggie ring and turns out they are Aggies who live in Fredericksburg!  Ha!  Such a gift from God to give us some English speaking people to encourage us. 

A stop on the way back

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Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us! May God protect your coming and going and give you joy!