Friday, August 7, 2015

Belgium - Brussels and Bruges!

Our hotel was about a mile downhill (uphill back!) to the city center which made for a good walk each day hence the 32 floors and 17,000+ steps that day. 
Here we are on the way to the city center. 
In the interest of transparency, I'll just tell you that Caleb cried the whole way there that morning because he wanted to ride in the stroller.  Turns out 3 year olds are 3 year olds even in Belgium.  There was lots of drama over the stroller that weekend.  Lots of opportunities for character building for us all lol! 

On our walk, we found the most quaint little place to eat breakfast in.  Croissants, jam, hazelnut spread, eggs, and bacon and hot black tea. 
So wonderful (especially after our emotional and cold rainy walk there). 
Timothy also is in the little finger foods stage while still eating some purees to make sure he still gets enough food.  Its made restaurants soooo much better as he really could sit for about an hour eating little finger foods.

Some of the city

This is Caleb in the Grand Place - the old town square.  We forgot diapers and jackets and the first day it was rainy and cold so we bought this blue striped jacket for him. 

Without knowing it, we ate at the same restaurant in a different location on Sunday. 
Wonderful breakfast. 
On accident, I got the almond croissant.  Oh my - this is my new favorite pastry. 
It has some amazing almond yumminess inside and they have it here in Germany too at some of the pastry shops. 

Its hard to see in this picture, but this is the Manneken Pis which is exactly what it sounds like it is...a statue of a little boy peeing into a fountain.  Yes its actually one of the main attractions of Brussels.

Family pic in the Grand Place!

Next up...Italy!

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