Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

Today is my baby's birthday.  
Oh my he has blessed our life more than I can imagine.  
I know everyone says it but its hard to imagine life without him.  
He is joyful, silly, sweet, playful, loving, and has my whole heart.  

At 12 months, Caleb is...

Size: Caleb is 23 1/2 pounds and looking as big as ever.  
He's wearing almost all 12-18 month clothing with a few 6-12 and 18 month clothes thrown in there.  

Likes: Caleb likes sports balls, balloons, and bubbles and usually says "baaa baa" when he sees them.
  He loves almost all people and loves to be out and about making friends with everyone around us.  
Its quite sweet.

Dislikes: The usual baby/toddler dislikes...not getting to do what he wants to do and doing what he doesn't want to do...that and whole milk which we tried for the first time this week.

Working on/Milestones: Caleb is starting to stand without holding onto something more often now.
  He lets go of the table or wall and stands there with a toy or just balancing by himself.  
A first step is on the horizon I think!  
He also got in the top 4 teeth this month.  

Sleeping: Caleb is sleeping through the night wonderfully these days and hasn't woken up in a while.
  He goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 7.  
First nap about 9 and 2nd nap about 2.  
Some days he takes a while to fall asleep but I think that's only when his first nap went too late or too long.  
I just have to be more careful now and wake him up sometimes from his morning nap.

Eating: We dropped one feeding this week and then when I was unsure and tried to add it back, Caleb refused it.  
Well ok then.  
So we're down to morning, before pm nap, and night time for nursing.  
He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a few snacks.  
He's a good eater but I can tell that his appetite is slowing down which I have read happens around this time.  

Happy birthday my sweet boy!!!!

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