Monday, February 14, 2011

God is Love

On this Valentines Day, no matter what happens, don't forget Who did and always will love you the MOST! (Follow the link below!)

Have a happy day!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent creations...

So I finally found the right color burlap (at Joann's) along with the time to actually make the ruffle wreath.  Above are the materials I used (plus a glue gun).  I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Right now, its on my front door but once its time for my glittery Easter egg wreath, I will find another place for it inside.  I'm not totally sold on the little ribbon flowers that I made but they will do for now. 

Also, last weekend when I had all the time due to the trecherous (or not!) weather, I rearranged some furniture and found a new home for my recently purchased armoir.  I got it a at a garage sale in Arlington right before Thanksgiving.  Here is the new armoir and the new view when you walk into my house.  I am happy to get to display some pretty things I have that are usually just in the cabinets. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow!? Oh no, nevermind.

Some weekends, you just gotta be flexible.  We had a marriage conference planned for Friday and Saturday night along with ya know, work on Friday.  Well think again!  Houston freaked out this week with the impending doom of a few flakes (that never actually showed up!).  I even heard one weather man say 5 inches were possible.  Maybe he thought he was talking to the Dallas area.

The school district announced around 2pm on Thursday that school would be canceled for Friday based on the forecast of snow and freezing rain.  I wisely waited until 3:30 to tell my kids who were thrilled.  One kid started dancing (as I was doing on the inside!).  On my way home from school, I stopped by Joann's fabrics and Half Price Books to get some crafting supplies and The Help which is the book my book club is reading this week (let me know if you want to join in!  We meet in Katy once a month.) so that I would have plenty to do on my day indoors.  Unfortunately, my mind can become one-tracked (word?) and I got so excited and into preparing for the snow day that I COMPLETELY forgot that some friends were coming over to talk to us about their ministry.  OOPS!  6pm...the doorbell rings.  At this point I still don't remember and honestly I thought, maybe its UPS with the shoes I ordered online this past weekend!  I open the door and with a very surprised face and wearing my fluffy socks and huge sweatshirt said, "OOOOH! Helllo!".  I was horrible at hiding my surprise.  Fortunately they are kind people, and also fortunately I was not supposed to make then dinner so we just whipped up some quick coffee and hot tea and had a very nice chat. 

On Friday, I got so much done.  I did my math lesson plans for next week, my sub plans for Thursday and Friday (going to Austin for 2nd grade conference!) and completed a test online for school.  Then I made a wreath, worked on my t-shirt quilt and made some cookies.  And somewhere in there during one of those activities I watched Notting Hill on Netflixs.  I like the beginning of that movie better than the end.  Ben was home too and had a perfect little rotation of swing the golf club, read articles on the Internet, read, and repeat interrupted only once by a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  All in all, a nice, productive, and relaxing "snow" day.  Thank you Houston for freaking out.  Here's a little video to help you know a little more of the trauma we have gone through....