Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy 10 months Caleb!

I am loving this age so much!  Caleb is a little copycat these days and I am often surprised at what he understands and can do.  

At 10 months, Caleb is...

Size: Caleb is around 22 pounds and wearing 6-12 month, 9 month, and now even 12-18 month clothes.  

Likes: Caleb has some definite likes lately.  
He loves balls, the cats, bubbles, and his mama and daddy.
When we read, he loves to turn the pages...a little too fast for actually reading.

He loves to play play play and doesn't ever stop!  
He loves to eat and loves to drink water out of his sippy cup.  

Dislikes: Caleb doesn't enjoy being put in his carseat when he's tired or hungry.  
I haven't really come across foods he doesn't like yet...he's pretty much eats everything and anything...even cat food.  He's started to show a little separation anxiety, crying when I leave the room if he's with someone else and he's (again) hungry or tired.  

Working on/Milestones: Caleb is doing great at pulling up and cruising and now has even stood for a few seconds without holding on.  
Up next...walking!!  

 He still has only 2 teeth but I think the top two are coming soon.  

No real words yet but he does say mamamamama and dadadada and something like "dat" when he sees anything he enjoys like the cats.  
And maybe even a "Baa" for ball.  But he also might say "Baa" when he sees food.  
Not really consistent yet. 

He carries the Dr. Seuss character in the picture all around the room while crawling and holding it in one hand.

Sleeping: Caleb is not sleeping amazingly lately.  
He slept through the night for a while and now he's been waking up a lot more.  
Maybe every other night.  
I try my hardest to not nurse him when he gets up but sometimes...like after 2 hours of rocking, crying, etc...I just have to.  
We only had one might like that lately but it wasn't fun.  
I'm not quite sure if its teething, digestion with new foods, or getting too tired.  

Eating: Caleb is now consistently nursing 4 times a day and eating 3 meals a day.  
For breakfast, he has bananas, eggs, toast, and maybe some yogurt.  
Lunch and dinner are chicken or ground turkey and a mixture of beans, cheese, vegetables, and fruits.
  He is a great eater and for now we're trying to stay away from anything sugary or too fatty as he doesn't even know it exists yet!  
Soon enough I'm sure he'll be requesting it.  

I can't believe we've only got 2 more months until he's a year old.

We love you sweetheart!