Monday, April 30, 2012

Maternity Photos in the Blue Bonnets

About a month ago, Ben and I got to go to College Station with the wonderful Shannon Morton Photography and take our maternity photos.  I'm about 34 weeks in these pictures.  She found an adorable little spot with blue bonnets, indian paint brushes and cool fences and barns in the back ground and did an excellent job!  I am thrilled with how they turned out!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your questions answered

Look over to the right of this post.  Do you see that lady walking across that bubbly line?  She is almost to the end!!  I am 38 weeks which means I have (maybe) 2 weeks left.  Maybe less, and hopefully not more.  This past Friday was my last day of work.  It was bittersweet.  Exciting to move onto a new chapter of life but always sad to leave the old.  But the teachers I work with are so amazing and I know my kids will be in wonderful hands with my long-term substitute.  She is just awesome.

I thought I'd take the time to answer some questions I've gotten multiple times over the past week or so.

When are you due?  As in, wow you're huge, you've got to be due soon!
Two people asked me that while I was out on my errands today.  I love people's questions and reactions.  And I get these sweet smiles everywhere I go.  I don't always make eye contact with people because I feel like everyone is staring at me.  But if I do look over to them, they have this knowing, caring smile on their face.  It's fun.
And, oh, I'm due May 12th.

Are you ready?
YES!  As much as you can be I think.  I'm sure we're in for some major shocks but we have all the baby gear week need, we've taken every class we were offered, and I'm pretty sure baby boy is getting quite squished inside me.  I'm sure hopin he's ready as much as I am.

How are you feeling?
Pretty good, considering there's a 7 lb, maybe more, baby inside me.  I'm sleeping relatively well and not feeling overly tired.  Just generally uncomfortable in most positions, but that's to be expected.

How is Ben feeling?  Is he excited?
Oh yes!  He is so calm and cool and says "bring on the baby!".  He's going to be a huge support during labor and in those first few crazy weeks.  I'm so glad that he's on my team and that we can do this exciting adventure together.  What a blessing he is.

Is the nursery all ready?
For the most part...or at least my part.  I ordered a cute little bookshelf and it hasn't come in yet and I ordered my bedding on Etsy and it was supposed to have shipped out April 20th and is still not here yet! We bought a glider last weekend on Craigs list and its so comfy.   Everything else is in the room and ready!  I guess the funny thing is that he won't even sleep in there at night in the beginning but I still feel the need to have it all done before he arrives!

I ordered the verse prints off Etsy from Blossom and Vine 

His name...going on a shelf that's not put up yet.

 A close up - I got the cardboard letters from Joann's and then covered them with fabric and burlap on the edges.  

And some burp cloths that I made from the tutorial on Jones Design Company

Bring on the baby!  I can't wait to meet you sweet Caleb!