Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April in Review

Since high school, historically, April has been my busiest month of the year weekend-wise. Somehow it seems that every April weekend fills up. In high school and college, it was retreats and dances and other celebrations, now its showers and 5K's. So, even though each of these events deserves their own post in detail, there's just not blogging time for that. So, here's April in review in pictures....

First weekend in April was Easter. The Coopers x2 came down to celebrate with us. Here, we are eating frozen yogurt, one of my favorite things with two of my favorite ladies - Cherish and Pat. We also went the Shell Houston Open that Sunday and watched Anthony Kim win.

Two weekends later, my sweet high school friends (left to right) Lauren, Katie, me, and Jamie celebrated Lauren and her upcoming June wedding. Friday night was the tasteful with just the right amount of raciness Lingerie shower and then Saturday, the 3 of us and others threw her a wedding shower. So fun to reconnect with old friends!

The next weekend (this past Saturday) was the Aid Sudan 5K. Ben and I are getting into running. This time, my goal was to run the entire 3.1 miles and I did it! Ben also ran it and under 30 minutes. My next goal will be to actually care about my time and run faster. I wish those were my shoes - I need new running shoes because mine are ugly.

And finally we are caught up. This week was the TAKS, of which the preparation over the last month has kept my tired and worn out throughout the week both physically and emotionally. Today was math, and tomorrow reading. Please pray!

And to come....WARRIOR DASH! Ben (NOT ME) will be participating in this manly event on Saturday. It involves a 3-mile obstacle course and the guys are supposed to dress up as warriors. It shall be entertaining. It's been great catching up with you. Hope to come back more often.